Laser Hair for All skin Type

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser hair removal for men has finally come of age. Increasing numbers of men, determined to rid themselves of excess hair, are turning to this safe and scientific solution to deliver them a clean, polished look.

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure where a specific beam of light targets the follicle, disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair without hurting the skin. It can also provide relief from ingrown hairs and painful shaving rashes.

The procedure is ideal for men interested in body hair removal, facial hair removal, back hair removal or permanent hair removal from the chest.

The Gentle Laser Hair Removal Products from Candela targets the hair follicle with laser energy, destroying the hair at its root while preserving the surrounding skin: Laser energy is delivered through a small handpiece operated by your practitioner.

 The laser delivers an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. Your skin may be red immediately following the procedure. This may last from a few minutes to several hours after the procedure.

Initial consultations that include a full treatment area assessment.
The treatment plan is discussed and agreed with treatment commencing immediately.
We recommend a minimum of six sessions to get maximum results.

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