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Fat Freezing

Our revolutionary 'Ice-Lipotreatment uses controlled cooling to precisely target and eliminate unwanted fat cells with no surgary, no pain, and no downtime. This futuristic boby sculping treatment is a favourite amoungst celebrities. 
'Ice-Lipo treatment is a form of non-surgical liposuction that can be used to break down unwanted fat.
This painless, non-invasive weight loss treatment has become extremely popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why: 'Ice-Lipo treatment is less risky than traditional liposuction, and only one treatment is needed to achieve visible results.

Here at HaranbyHaran Clinics, we are frequently asked about the fat freezing procedure and how it can help people to lose weight. In this blog post, we will endeavour to answer some of the most common queries. 


'Ice-Lipo’treatment successfully eliminates the following conditions and many more: 

  • Stomach Fat 
  • Bingo Wings 
  • Double Chin 
  • Male chest fat 
    • Thigh Fat 
    • Bra Roll
    • Love Handles 
    • Mummy Tummies


    How does it work?

    During your 'Ice-Lipo treatment, one of our specialists will place the fat freezing device on a specific part of your body (your stomach, for example). This will lower the temperature in this localised area, causing nearby fat cells to solidify and die whilst leaving other cells unharmed.

    Fat Freezing Price
    1 Area  -  £150
    2 Areas - £200
    3 Areas - £245
    4 Areas - £280
    8 Areas - £540
    Chin Area - £110

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